Tracey Warr, The Viking Hostage

Meanda Books

Publication: 20 June 2023

Hardback | 978-1-7392700-0-1 | £22.00

Paperback | 978-1-7392700-1-8 | £13.99

Ebook | 978-1-7392700-2-5 | £5.00

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‘Human chess played with lives and land. Three instantly likeable women fight the system from within.’ The Book Bag

Viking raids, fears of The End of Time and turbulent power struggles across Europe. Sigrid is sold in the slave market and separated from her brothers. Audebert is imprisoned in a grim dungeon for his brother’s crime. Adalmode and Aina face unwanted marriages. Guy is near-blind and struggling to conceal his disability. The Viking Hostage tells their interweaving stories in late 10th century France and Wales. 

Sigrid is a Norwegian sold into slavery in the French Limousin who stubbornly clings to her pagan identity. Aina is a great heiress attempting to resist the pressure of the marriage market. Adalmode endures a hopeless love affair with a man who is her father’s prisoner. Guy will soon be viscount of Limoges and fears exposure of his disability and challenge to his authority. If Audebert ever gets out of the dungeon, he has a life to lead, a great destiny to fulfil. Their stories tangle with questions of nobility, freedom and courage in the highly stratified and often brutal society of early medieval Europe.