Happy May Day — Tracey Warr Writing

Happy May Day! The Anarchy, the final book in my medieval Wales trilogy, is published today. The novel deals with the 12th century succession crisis after King Henry I lost his only legitimate male heir in a shipwreck and tried to make his daughter, Empress Maud, his successor. It also covers the Welsh uprising against […]Continue reading “Happy May Day — Tracey Warr Writing”

Browsing for Books — Tracey Warr Writing

Over ten years ago, I stumbled across Meg Bogin’s book, The Female Troubadours, in the library of University of Wales Trinity Saint David’s where I was studying for an MA in Creative Writing. I was working on my first novel at the time, based on the real woman, Almodis de La Marche, the countess of […]Continue reading “Browsing for Books — Tracey Warr Writing”

Idiosyncratic Bookshops and Lovely Libraries — Tracey Warr Writing

My bookshelf (above) has been published today on Shepherd.com, which is creating new and unique ways for readers to find amazing books. In this bookshelf post I write about the serendipity and synergy in what can be found through browsing (as opposed to purposeful searching). Idiosyncratic bookshops and lovely libraries bring unexpected twists to my […]Continue reading “Idiosyncratic Bookshops and Lovely Libraries — Tracey Warr Writing”

Interview with Elizabeth Chadwick — Tracey Warr Writing

Elizabeth Chadwick’s new historical novel, The King’s Jewel, launches today. The publication of any new book by Elizabeth Chadwick is eagerly awaited by her many avid readers. I was especially keen to interview her about this novel since it centres on medieval Wales and Nesta ferch Rhys and Gerald of Windsor.  This interview is the first […]Continue reading “Interview with Elizabeth Chadwick — Tracey Warr Writing”

Spring is sprung — Tracey Warr Writing

Spring is arriving at last in southern France where I am copyediting my novel, The Viking Hostage. I was delighted to revisit this quotation from Freda White’s Three Rivers of France: ‘the spring in Aquitaine comes flying from the west in a swirl of flowers, with summer hard on its heels, pursuing it by the […]Continue reading “Spring is sprung — Tracey Warr Writing”

Cover Reveal – The Viking Hostage — Tracey Warr Writing

I am very excited to reveal the new cover for The Viking Hostage, which has been designed by Jessica Bell. The Viking Hostage was an Amazon bestseller in Australia on its first publication, back in 2014, and has been out of print for two years. I am especially excited, therefore, to welcome it back to […]Continue reading “Cover Reveal – The Viking Hostage — Tracey Warr Writing”

Guest post on medieval Wales — Tracey Warr Writing

Thank you to Tony Riches for hosting my guest post on the Turbulent Life of Nest Ferch Rhys, her relationship with King Henry I, and how she lived through the Norman conquest of Wales. Nest is the heroine of my Conquest trilogy. The first book, Daughter of the Last King, has just been reissued and […]Continue reading “Guest post on medieval Wales — Tracey Warr Writing”

Happy Saint David’s Day — Tracey Warr Writing

Happy Saint David’s Day and happy publication day to me for the launch of the first book in the new edition of my Conquest trilogy set in 12th century Wales! Saint David was a renowned teacher and an eloquent preacher. He practised asceticism, encouraging the avoidance of meat and beer. He founded monasteries across southwest Wales, […]Continue reading “Happy Saint David’s Day — Tracey Warr Writing”